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Ard-Ri Laboratory

Player APlayer B

Ard-Ri rules


To win

If the King reaches any board edge, the whites win.

If the King is captured, the blacks win.

To play

Move one piece in a horizontal or vertical direction to an available square. For 7x7 boards (Ard-Ri), moves are limited to one square.

If a piece is bracketed by 2 opponent's pieces (top+bottom or left+right), it is removed.

If the King is surrounded by 4 blacks, it is captured.

If you are surrounded or bracketed as a result of your move, you are not taken.


1- There is a "King's square" in the middle of the board. Only the king can land on it.

2- The "King's square" is considered as a surrounding piece by everyone.

3- The King can not be used to capture.

4- A draw occurs if the same sequence is played three times.


The white piece is captured after the black move.

The blacks win because the king is captured as it will be surrounded by 3 black pieces and the King's square.

Ard-Ri description

Tafl games are old germanic and celtic board games. Unfortunately "Ard-Ri is the least documented of the known tafl variants" Wikipedia said. Tafl games in general are not well documented. We had to choose some rules but one of the exciting aspects of Jocly is to build communities around games. It is a great opportunity for lovers of ancient games to participate and interact, to propose ideas or correct mistakes we can make.

If you are an expert or just a fan of Ard-Ri / Fitchneal, please use the dedicated forum to share with us.

Ard-Ri credits

Credits for Jocly version of the Ard-Ri and Fitchneal games:
- original rules: probably someone in the North, a long long time ago ;)
- development: Jérôme Choain (@jcfrog)
- graphic design: Jérôme Choain (@jcfrog).

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