Jocly Developer agreement

You are about to register as a Jocly developer.

As a Jocly developer, you can:

  • access the source code of all the games on the Jocly platform, the Code Pool
  • initiate or modify the code to create new games or to adapt alternate rules to existing ones
  • improve game artificial intelligence performance
  • improve game user interface
  • play your new or adapted games

You understand that:

  • the code you create or adapt can be used and modified again by other Jocly developers
  • in no way, you can introduce code that may harm or trick a user in any way, nor collect any private information
  • you cannot voluntary introduce code that may harm or trick the Jocly infrastructure, software or hardware
  • in particular, you cannot modify an existing game with the purpose of cheating or affecting in any way the normal Jocly platform behavior
  • you cannot introduce code under an incompatible license, for instance code under GPL or proprietary license you don't own the rights
  • you cannot introduce code violating patents
  • you cannot load scripts or files that are not hosted on Jocly within the project package, in particular, CSS and Javascript files must be embedded into the project and not linked from an external host.
  • all the data files you introduce must be under Creative Common license (including but not restricted to sounds, images, videos, ...)
  • playing access to the games you develop or adapt are restricted to you until a trusting system is in place for friends-only sharing
  • Jocly admins review is required for your game to be given public access from the Jocly web site
  • You cannot use code from Jocly you did not write into another project without written authorization from Jocly owners
  • you grant Jocly owners a permanent license to use the code you created or adapted in any way, including commercially