Welcome to Jocly

What is Jocly about ?

Jocly is a universal platform dedicated to two players strategy games. You can play those games directly from our web site or as standalone applications on:

  • Android (tablets and phones)
  • iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Chrome (as packaged apps)
  • Mozilla Webapps


Each standalone application embeds one or several games. For the time being, applications only implements playing against the computer and no remote human games (duel mode on the web site).

Who for ?


  • regular brain games players,
  • game-geeks seeking just-invented rules
  • game-archeologists looking for ancient stuff
  • anyone willing to keep her own brain in good shape while having fun
  • anyone who has nothing better to do in train while commuting

Game inventors

This is an opportunity for you to get your invention brought to life. Contact us.


Jocly opens its architecture to allow registered users of the web site to develop their own games.

Writing a game can be fun. Jocly games are written in pure HTML 5, using regular Javascript and CSS files.

Upload your files to the server or use the online IDE and you can use the Jocly game system. There is no need to implement any complicated artificial intelligence algorithm: just write a few javascript functions according to the specifications we provide and Jocly will empower that code with AI thinking, players peering and application support.

Security restrictions applies here. Your game cannot be seen and played publicly on the site unless we reviewed it, except by the other users who explicitly decided to trust you.

You can implement one of the hundreds games that exists and are compatible with Jocly.

The source code specific to every game published on the site can be used as example or as code base for developing variants or improving the existing game.

If you are more into graphic design and user interface, you can modify the view-related files without having to interact much with the game rules code.

More about Jocly developer interface


You can  integrate Jocly games into your site to make it more appealing.

More about Jocly webmaster interface