Interview by Learning Three.js: let's talk about 3D

Interview by Learning Three.js: let's talk about 3D

Michel and I have been interviewed by Jerome Etienne from Learning Three.js blog (see original post: Three.js Online Meeting With JoclyGames).

We talked about 3D, made a lot of demo of the platform, the tools we use, we tried to go all through the creation process. It was really nice to share more than 3 years of hard work.

The result of this hangout is a more than 1 hour video you can watch below, here is the program:

0:00 start
0:55 “Let’s talk about Jocly” Introduction by Mig, history and features
6:35 Demos, some of the 113 games
   6:35 Chess
   7:45 Checkers
   9:40 Courier Chess (from Middle Age)
   12:00 Byzantine chess
   13:55 Cylindric chess
   15:20: Hnefatafl (Tafl games, nordic ancient games)
   17:30 Scrum (abstract rugby lover game)
   18:00 Shibumi games (3D go variation)
   19:15 Yohoho

21:45 Let’s talk 3D / Threejs, how Jocly went to 3D
24:10 Using Blender to design pieces and export them for Threejs
26:40 using normal maps an retopology
27:55 Blender demo: high and low resolutions pieces, baking textures
37:35 animating meshes with morph targets technic
44:10 video chat: using web RTC in the 3D scene
    => jump to WebRTC demo 49:45
52:55 Jocly platforms and tools: mobile, facebook, wiki, site embeding, Firefox add-on, widgets (jQuery)
57:30 web embeding a Jocly game in your site with 2 lines of code
59:15 demo: they use Jocly widgets
1:03:10 documentation and resources #wiki
1:04:15 demos for the Jocly jQuery add-on (widget): change graphics, change rules, and keep your customization on your host
1:11:10 summary and conclusion

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Blog post about retopology:

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Embedding games:

Mobile apps:

Firefox add-on:


Un nouvel addon Jocly Firefox

Une extension Firefox pour simplifier l'accés aux jeux de plateau Jocly: installer l'addon

Utiliser l'extension pour jouer sur Jocly n'est pas nécessaire, mais cela fournit quelques fonctionnalités très utiles:

  • Notifications au niveau du navigateur: lorsque votre adversaire joue son coup, l'icone de l'extension Jocly s'anime, même si aucun onglet n'est ouvert sur le site Jocly. L'icone s'anime aussi quand on est invité par quelqu'un à jouer à un jeu. En cliquant sur l'icone, un panneau s'ouvre pour offrir un accès direct à l'évènement correspondant: la partie en cours ou la page d'invitation.
  • Accès au jeu rapide: le panneau de l'extension montre la liste des jeux disponibles et permet d'aller directement à la page du jeu pour commencer une partie contre l'ordinateur, inviter quelqu'un, voir les règles, ...
  • Lecteur PJN: Pour les Echecs, et les Dames Internationales ou Anglaise, lorsque vous êtes sur un site affichant la transcription d'une partie (au format PGN pour les Echecs ou PDN pour les Dames), vous pouvez sélectionner le texte correspondant à la souris, faire un click-droit et choisir ''Voir la partie PJN" pour voir et rejouer la partie dans l'interface Jocly 3D.

Vous pouvez alors bénéficier de toutes les fonctionnalités Jocly:

  • Plus de 110 jeux, et en expansion...
  • Intelligence Artificielle pour jouer seul, plusieurs niveaux disponibles
  • Parties à distance contre d'autres joueurs, sur des minutes ou des semaines
  • Interface utilisateur en 3D intégrale: regardez le plateau sous différents angles, zoomez, ...
  • Chattez en video avec votre adversaire pendant que vous jouez: directement dans la scène 3D
  • Classement joueurs par jeu basé sur les points ELO
  • Rejouez et analysez vos parties
  • Technologie pure HTML5: pas de Flash, pas de Java
  • Et bien plus ...

Le code source de l'extension est disponible sur


A new Jocly addon for Firefox

This is a Firefox addon to facilitate playing board games on Jocly: install it now

While having the addon installed is not necessary to play on Jocly, it provides a few nice features:

  • Browser-level notifications: when your opponent makes its move, the Jocly addon icon in the toolbar animates, even if no tab is open to the Jocly site. The icon also animates if you are invited by someone to play a game. Clicking on the icon open a panel to go directly to the corresponding event: the playing game or the invitation page.
  • Quick game access: the addon panel shows the list of available games and allows going directly to the game page to start playing against the computer, invite someone, read the rules, ...
  • PJN Viewer: for Chess, International Draughts and English Draughts, whenever you are on a site displaying game transcripts (in PGN format for Chess or PDN for Draughts), you can mouse-select the game text, right-click and pick Open PJN Viewer to see and replay the whole game from a Jocly 3D interface.

You can then enjoy all Jocly features:

  • Over 110 Games, and growing...
  • Artificial Intelligence to play alone, several levels available
  • Remote playing against other users, over minutes or weeks
  • Full 3D User Interface: see the board from various angles, zoom in/out, ...
  • Video Chat with your opponent while playing: directly in the 3D scene
  • ELO based per-game Leader Board
  • Replay and analyze played games
  • Pure HTML5 technology: no Flash, no Java
  • Many more ...

The addon source code is available at


Fusion de comptes

Si vous avez utilisé Twitter, Facebook ou Persona pour vous loger, nous avons du vous créer un compte Jocly associé pour accéder à toutes les fonctionalités de jeu.

Pour prendre le contrôle de ce compte, rien de plus facile:

  • se loger via le service que vous aviez utilisé (Twitter, Facebook ou Persona)
  • allez dans votre profile (c'est un onglet de la page Paramètres)
  • cliquez sur "Changer de mot de passe"

Une fois ce mot de passe mis à jour vous pourrez dorénavant vous loger avec votre id Jocly et ce nouveau mot de passe.

Merging accounts

If you have used Twitter, Facebook or Persona to login, we had to create a basic Jocly account for you to access all the playing features.

If you want to take control of your Jocly account, it's very easy:

  • login with the service you chose
  • go to your profile (it's a tab in the Settings page)
  • click on "Change password".

Once you have setup your new password, you will be able to use the Jocly login with your Jocly id and this updated password.

Play Annexation and variants online

Annexation and variants

Annexation is a turn-based game invented at the end of the 19th century.

The game is also known as Reversi or Othello.

We declined the game in 7 versions, only the initial setup changes (click icons to play)

Classic grids

4 boards: 8x8 (standard), 10x10, 6x6 and 4x4

8x8 10x10 6x6 4x4


Cross grids

2 boards: 8x8 and 10x10
8x8 10x10



1 board: 10x10


If no WebGL, 2D views are available:


Two players called Dark (black) and Light (white). Each player puts one piece per turn on the board. The piece must be put on a space so that it sandwiches one or more of the opponent's lines (diagonal or vertical).

The sandwiched disks are flipped to the color of the current player.

If a player can not play, he must pass his turn (a "pass" symbol is displayed).

"Pass" symbol

The game is over when both players can not play. The player with the most pieces wins.

Why this name: Annexation?

It is generally admitted that "Othello" is a trademarked brand used to market this game and that "Reversi" is the game name to be used freely, and it is indeed named "Reversi" in many implementations around the Web. However, Ravensburger came to us, claiming the ownership of the "Reversi" brand and forbade us to name our implementation that way.

We decided to switch to the original name back in the late 19th century: Annexation.

(c) Photo by Bruce Whitehill, 'The Big Game Hunter'

Play Tutti Frutti Chess online

Tutti Frutti Chess


Play now


Tutti Frutti Chess variant by Ralph Betza et Philip Cohen, 1978-79.

Played on a classical 8x8 board, with 3 fairy pieces:

  • The Amazon: moves and captures like Queen + Knight

  • The Empress: moves and captures like Rook + Knight

  • The Princess: moves and captures like Bishop + Knight

Please have a look at rules and games details for more information.

If no WebGL, a 2D view is available:


Play Amazon Chess online

Amazon Chess


Play now


Same as Orthodox Chess except the Queen is replaced by a fairy piece called Amazon which moves and captures like Knight + Queen

Please have a look at rules and games details for more information.

If no WebGL, a 2D view is available:


Play Wildebeest Chess online

Wildebeest Chess


Play now


Wildebeest chess is a 11x10 variant invented in 1987 by R. Wayne Schmittberger. 2 fairy pieces are involved:
  • The Camel: moves and captures like an extended Knight (a 1 + 3 L shape move)

    Camels always remain on the same color.

  • The Wildebeest: moves and captures like Knight + Camel

Please have a look at rules and games details for more information.

If no WebGL, a 2D view is available:


Play Modern Chess online

Modern Chess


Play now


Modern chess was invented by Gabriel Vicente Maura in 1968. Played on a 9x9 board, 1 extra fairy piece is involved:

  • The Prime Minister (aka Archbishop or Cardinal): moves and captures like Knight + Bishop

If never played, one (and only one) Bishop can be switched with an adjacent Queen, Knight or Minister. This is counted as a turn.

Please have a look at rules and games details for more information.

If no WebGL, a 2D view is available:



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